Friday, February 14, 2014

Update - Introduction

Now that I have spent a long time telling you about my thoughts and some learning experiences about the book I am trying to write, it is only fair that I release a little more informtion about the actual book. First, you have to understand that I am a dork. Not necessarily a nerd, but definitely a dork. Yes, there is a difference. Don't get me started on the difference of a geek!

Ok, I am getting off track. Back to being a dork. With that said, I have always been drawn to the land of magic and imagination. I have read dozens of books, if not more, in this particular genre and one that I am most excited about. You are not limited by the laws of nature or man, you can write what you imagine. This is very appealing to me. My first book will be fantasy fiction.

I am still working out the details and it will evolve as I write. Here is the introduction to the first chapter:

The Time of Darkness is coming. Shadow Casters shall rise against the Light King, who shall lead the Kingdom of Amleer. Born from Light, the Darkness shall come; more powerful combined than each alone. The war will begin, many will die, and only one will be left standing.

- The Chronicles of Teylon, 1608

This is the story of a boy from a broken home, forced to live in poverty while searching for his father. Magic, war, polictics, and love all crash together causing chaos and confusion about who he really is. This is the story of Ardus Claymore.

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